Deep Fryer 4 L power 2500 W with Lacor faucet

A good raw, a good olive oil and a good Fryer Lacor = the perfect fried.

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Deep Fryer 4 L power 2500 W with Lacor faucet

Deep Fryer 4 L power 2500 W with Lacor faucet

A good raw, a good olive oil and a good Fryer Lacor = the perfect fried.

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Electric Fryer with tap Lacor

Potatoes, croquettes, pies, peppers and fish would pan or? Fryer? For a professional the pace of work in the kitchen can become essential to the Fryer, and in addition to using one or the other can get a party other than each food. For household use, each has advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends on the user:

  • The deep fryers they are simple to use, less attention is needed, less spatter and foods are fried before and are cooked at the same time, while some are more raw, because the heat covers them all alike.
  • The Electric fryers they are equipped with a thermostat that will control perfectly suitable for each frying temperature.
  • The deep fryers they use greater amount of oil, but it can be reused several times if done properly: use a good oil (the experts recommended the olive for being more stable); check the temperature with the thermostat properly to avoid burn it; filter waste, especially after frying batter; cover the Fryer after use to protect the light oil and air, avoiding its oxidation.

To use the Electric Fryer with tap Lacor must fill the oil tray to an intermediate position between the min and max levels. Do not exceed the maximum level, never when oil is boiling could cause burns. When connecting the plug to the wall outlet will be a green light on the heater head, and will remain on while the deep Fryer is connected. For safety, if the heater head is not properly placed the device won't work.

By turning the knob of the Electric Fryer with tap in a clockwise direction select the temperature; It will turn on a red light in the head heater, which will turn off when the oil reaches the designated temperature. Then you can enter the basket with food. Much fuller is the basket it will lower over the temperature, it is preferable to frying sparingly, especially in the case of frozen prefritos foods.

When foods are fried raise the basket to drain the oil into the bowl. Place heater head knob in the OFF position (will turn off the luzroja) and unplug (the green light will turn off).

This Electric Fryer It incorporates a faucet that allows you to extract oil from the Pan easily. To do so place a container with a capacity greater than 4 litres under the tap, open this and wait for that it has been drained all of the oil; don't forget to close the tap.

The technical characteristics of the Electric Fryer with tap Lacor are as follows:

  • Power: 2500W
  • Capacity: 4 liters
  • Temperature: 190 °
  • Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 3.50 kg

Safety and maintenance:

Place the Electric Fryer with tap on a flat, level surface, and that has of space around (more than 30 cm on each side), especially from the front to avoid risks. Use extreme caution when you insert the basket with food, splashing may occur.

Never lift the Electric Fryer with tap the basket or the head, use the side handles. Unplug the Fryer before cleaning and wait until oil is at room temperature. It is completely removable for easy cleaning: remove the basket (can also extract the handle), the heater head (do not submerge in water, use a damp cloth and dry it well) and the Bowl (dispose of used oil and remains of the Fund and then clean it).

Do not use abrasive products or metal sponges to clean the body of the FryerIt could damage the stainless steel. If not in use for some time, store it in a dry and airy place.

Our guarantee
Our guarantee:

Our products have a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. Since receiving the shipment and during the 15 day period, you can return the purchased item if it was not to his liking and was not used. To do this, simply contact our customer service and return the product in its original packaging (with acknowledgment of receipt, warranty and manual). Once we have verified that the merchandise is in perfect condition, we will refund the money. The shipping costs when the return is not due to us, the customer.

Information about manufacturer

Lacor Cookware Professional S.L. It is a manufacturer of furniture for home and hospitality whose headquarters are in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). Since its founding in 1949 has maintained a policy of constant innovation that allows it to offer a wide range of products from stainless steel kitchenware to cookware and tableware, to pastries and coffee.

Currently it has commercial presence in 5 continents. This is one of the manufacturers of reference for the hospitality industry, responding to the most demanding needs and progress in implementing its products for the home.

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