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Pressure cookers

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Pressure cookers 

Lacor pressure cookers. Lacor pressure cookers are suitable for professional and home use.

  • Aluminum

    Lacor aluminum pressure cookers. They have a more robust and resistant bridge. Aluminium body. Suitable for ceramic hob, electric cooker and gas. Their capacity ranges from 15 to 18 litres.

  • Chef

    Pressure Chef of Lacor, steel cooker steel 18/10 stainless bottom diffuser type sandwich, consisting of three layers (one of steel, another of aluminum and other steel), which ensure an optimal heat diffusion.

    The Chef of Lacor pressure cooker, has a locking system to prevent that the lame pot pressure in the case that it was improperly closed, preventing that the lid can be manipulated while the pressure does not decrease.

    The lid of the cooker is designed with an exit window of steam, which under situations of extreme anromales, when other security systems fail, permirira pressure pushing the Board to the outside, causing the loss of pressure inside.

    We are faced with the Chef of Lacor pressure cooker. This pressure cooker will make the delight of lovers of good cuisine. 18/10 stainless

  • Chef-Luxe

    The Lacor Luxe pressure cooker for hospitality, is made of steel 18/10 stainless steel, a material which meets the maximum guarantees of health and life, this designed to meet all the professional requirements. This pressure cooker is easy to use, has a conductive base of sandwich-type valid for all types of cookers including induction. Incorporates a pressure cooking according to the needs of each product. Stainless 18/10 with Sandwich bottom.

  • Classic

    This pressure cooker offers you many advantages. Cooking with pressure cooker; You cooked more healthy meals are prepared gently and in a short time cooking them steamed. Every minute of time-saving means to save important vitamins, nutrients and minerals from your food. Your meals will know as never before. Cooking without oxygen, the flavor and the natural color of your vegetables will remain for a long time. You cooked more quickly, saving time and energy. With this pressure cooker, you'll save up to a 70-time employing the usual cooking system. And you will save energy, up to a 60 - in long cooking dishes and a 30 - to a 40-dishes of a short cooking time. You cooked large amounts without mixing odours and fumes from cooking.

  • Easy

    Manufactured in stainless steel of the best quality, thanks to its body and bottom straight sandwich-type, allows you to shorten the cooking time and energy consumed.

  • Pro-Classic

    Professional pressure cookers model Pro-Classic. They have a more robust and resistant bridge. Aluminium body. Suitable for ceramic hob, electric cooker and gas. Their capacity ranges from 18-22 litres.

  • Robust

    Domestic battery manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel, suitable for ranges, electric, gas and induction.

    Domestic kitchen Lacor Robust battery uses a conductive base type Sandwich, consisting of three layers (stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel), which guarantee an optimum the heat spreader, favoring a uniform cooking of food, avoiding the loss of vitamins and minerals, while allowing a significant energy savings.

  • Tempo

    Tempo of Lacor pressure cooker, manufactured in steel steel 18/10 stainless bottom diffuser type sandwich, consisting of three-layer (steel, aluminum and steel).  Suitable for ranges, electric, gas and induction.

    The Tempo of Lacor pressure cooker, includes a control valve pressure, which allows you to select the level of pressure for cooking slow or fast, depending on the food that you wish to cook. With level indication of filling (with details of minimum and maximum).

    This time Lacor presents your pressure cooker Tempo, a classic of pressure cookers.

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