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Batteries catering 

Batteries catering

Batteries of Lacor the range catering kitchen. Quality, price and warranty.

  • Chef-aluminum

    Kitchen Chef-aluminum 99,5% pure aluminium battery. Cookware manufactured by Lacor that can not miss in your kitchen.

  • Chef-Classic

    Chef-classic Cookware with sandwich and 18/10 stainless bottom. Manufactured by Lacor.

  • Chef-Luxe

    Cookware Chef-luxe Lacor consists of a body of 18/10 stainless steel that provides excellent resistance to corrosion and to food acids and salts, and its reinforced extra-thick rim hardens the article and allows a perfect spill. The bottom of this Cookware has double thickness and a finished interior and exterior satin beaded finished in polished mirror. Handles and handles are welded pipe stainless steel 18/10 airtight, boiling and ergonomic. He has a background layer (stainless-aluminum-stainless) sandwich and fund capped for gas cookers, electric, vitroceramic and induction (total absorption of the calories). Easy cleaning: angle of Fund that allows a clean background and accessibility around the handles. European food certification: RGS 3901841/SS.

  • Eco-Chef

    Pots and pans of the range Eco-chef of Lacor. Stainless 18/10 with Sandwich bottom.

  • Magma

    Built in a single piece of cast iron, round pan Lacor Magma is small and manageable. 

  • Provence Plus
    Provence Plus
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