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In webmenaje think that the best guarantee is the offer a product that exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is achieved by working exclusively with leading brands in the sector of restoration.

We sell products for professional use, focused on the most demanding treatment. All items can be found in our shop meet the highest standards of quality.

Affordable price

Affordable prices are based on the idea of business and webmenaje concept. Our intention is that everyone can access kitchenware, tableware, restoration of high quality for a moderate cost. The durability of our items and our prices will bring you significant savings. 


All our products provide direct warranty from the manufacturer, which in no case is less than two (2) years, as established in the current legislation.

Remember that the products we sell are characterized by high performance and robustness, as mentioned earlier, are designed for use in catering which is an extra security at home.


Products marketed by webmenaje granted the right to return in the fifteen (15) days following receipt of the order. Remember that the return must be in the original packaging and the article must be in perfect condition.

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Our customer service department will rectify you any quesions.


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