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The domestic kitchen utensils of Lacor have variety, quality and prices.

  • Basic

    Cookware Basic of lacor is intended to exercise the duties of a professional chef in your own home. Stainless 18/10 with Sandwich bottom.

  • Belly

    Cookware Belly of lacor is characterized by their pumped bodies that provide a greater capacity to the vessels. This Cookware is notable for its double interior finish and polished exterior finish: polished and matte. Features handles add a touch of distinction to the design. Stainless.

  • Copper
  • I am a student
    I am a student

    Study of Lacor Cookware has an excellent quality/price in a very complete set. Stainless 18/10 with Sandwich bottom.

  • Evolution
  • Anodized
  • Fondue

    Domestic battery Lacor Fondue, stainless steel 18/10. Prepare delicious, delicious and innovative dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Cooking Fondue of lacor domestic battery, you succulent recipes and look like a real professional to your guests.

  • Foodie
  • Forte

    Cookware Forte of Lacor. Ecological

  • Casting

    Cookware model casting of Lacor. Probes located under the lid, do get result of condensation drops, to fall on food forming a permanent and circulating flow by reducing the loss of flavours and food juices. The aluminium used for years by its good heat transmission, ensures uniform heating of the Pan, as well as a uniform cooking of food. In addition to significant savings the use of energy. This battery of kitchen model casting account with a high-quality non-stick coating prevents sticking of food, also makes cleaning easier and greatly extends the life of your pots and pans. Incorporates a metallic background suitable for induction that allows rapid heating, in addition to be able to be used on any other source of heat, such as gas, electric or ceramic. Generated during casting of the piece, handles allow Pan can be used in conventional ovens up to a maximum temperature of 300 ° C. A classic but at the same time current design that never goes out of fashion.

  • Garinox

    Household pots and pans, manufactured in stainless steel 18/10.

    Lacor Garinox Cookware is suitable for kitchen cooktops, electric, gas and induction.

  • Gourmet

    All the advantages of the modern kitchen in the service of palates more demanding, is what defines Lacor Gourmet cookware. It is Cookware is stainless 18/10 with Sandwich bottom.

  • Magma

    Built in a single piece of cast iron, round pan Lacor Magma is small and manageable. 

  • Nova-Ladycor

    Cookware Nova-ladycor is one of the best choices for those who need a very wide range. This Cookware is suitable for cooking or water-free and enjoy the benefits of dietary cuisine.

  • Professional

    Domestic battery manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel, suitable for ranges, electric, gas and induction.

    Domestic kitchen Lacor professional battery uses a conductive base type Sandwich, consisting of three layers (stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel), which guarantee an optimum the heat spreader, favoring a uniform cooking of food, avoiding the loss of vitamins and minerals, while allowing a significant energy savings.

    Designed to make exercise work from a professional chef in your own home.

  • Stilo

    The Stilo range consists of a battery of parts from a single piece of cast aluminum with wood handles and enormous resistance to avoid burns.

  • Svea
  • Trimetal

    Maximum efficiency due to its high thermal conductivity. Warming three times faster than a conventional part. Test performed in induction cooker.

    Cast homogeneous (bottom and walls) heat thanks to its manufacturing in one piece, which ensures a better cooking.

    Manufactured from three layers of top quality:

    1st layer: AISI 430 - durability and inductive properties abroad.

    2nd layer: aluminium - optimal distribution of the heat in the core.

    3rd layer: AISI 304 - cleanliness and hygiene in the interior.

  • Vitrocor

    We can define Cookware Lacor Vitrocor as a classic present in many homes. This battery of kitchen incorporates all the features, and a design attractive, clean and elegant, characteristic of the Lacor brand. A complete battery comprising a non-stick pan. It contains everything you need to meet up to the last whim of the gourmet.

  • Titanium
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