Cube double Enfriabotellas Asa of Lacor

Lacor has a wide range of items for table service, including different coolers wine bottle; both professionals of catering or catering as private individuals will find suitable to your needs.

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Cube double Enfriabotellas Asa of Lacor

Cube double Enfriabotellas Asa of Lacor

Lacor has a wide range of items for table service, including different coolers wine bottle; both professionals of catering or catering as private individuals will find suitable to your needs.

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Cube double enfriabotellas with handle

The wine is a value that does not decay. Enough to see the amount of publications which refer to old and new varieties and wineries, advices and all the lexicon that before only experts handled and are now in the mouth of all the fans. For many a good meal is incomplete if it is not accompanied by a good wine.

And a good wine should be enjoyed at the proper temperature. The fresh rmodera the acid sensation, the alcoholic strength and excess sugar, whereas heat enhances those sensations and moderated by the bitterness of the tannins; Therefore, more tannic wines should consume more temperature while acids must be served fresh. Depending on the ambient temperature (summer, heating) wine can reach inadequate temperatures. That is why the white, rosé or sparkling should cool in fridge before submitting them, and once in the table will remain its initial temperature in an ice bucket or ice bucket, champagne...

Lacor presents this cube Double enfriabotellas with handlespecially designed to hold 2 bottles and 4.50-litre capacity.

This cube double enfriabotellas with handle It is made of acrylic material, trend in decor by their visual feeling of lightness and adaptability to different environments. This bottle cooler fits especially in informal environments and modern design. Its shape and transparency gives versatility: while you don't need it to cool you can use it as a decorative piece containing bottles, fruit...

Acrylic is a material that has managed to replace others, like glass, by the practical advantages in different fields, also in the kitchen and catering:

  • Security: Acrylic is more resistant than glass, presents one greater resistance to impacts 6 times, and in case of breakage not it would splinter, avoiding accidents.
  • Low weight: it is very light, the acrylic only weighs half that glass and 43% less than aluminum.
  • Acrylic is better thermal insulation than glass (4 times less thermal conductivity). Keep cold or hot liquids containing more effectively.
  • Weather resistance: the acrylic can be exposed to the rain and sunlight without losing their properties, while maintaining their colors and brightness and become yellow over time unlike other plastic materials
  • Acrylic has greater transparency and crystallinity than glass, especially in thick thickness. Its light transmission is 92%, while that of ordinary glass is 84%.
  • Acrylic is inert to almost all food products, so you can be in contact with alcoholic beverages of low-ranking, fats, oils, preserves, spices and flavouring normally contained in food.
  • Acrylic is 100% recyclable.

To preserve clean with neutral detergent SOAP and plenty of water; Although it has high resistance to many compounds, can be damaged by strong solvents (acetone, benzene)

On our website you can also find this bottle cooler model in black (reference 62354).

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Our guarantee:

Our products have a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. Since receiving the shipment and during the 15 day period, you can return the purchased item if it was not to his liking and was not used. To do this, simply contact our customer service and return the product in its original packaging (with acknowledgment of receipt, warranty and manual). Once we have verified that the merchandise is in perfect condition, we will refund the money. The shipping costs when the return is not due to us, the customer.

Information about manufacturer

Lacor Cookware Professional S.L. It is a manufacturer of furniture for home and hospitality whose headquarters are in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). Since its founding in 1949 has maintained a policy of constant innovation that allows it to offer a wide range of products from stainless steel kitchenware to cookware and tableware, to pastries and coffee.

Currently it has commercial presence in 5 continents. This is one of the manufacturers of reference for the hospitality industry, responding to the most demanding needs and progress in implementing its products for the home.

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