Charges for bottle trap Co2

Loads of CO2 for the bottle trap reusable from Lacor, a cheap and easy option to prepare your own drink.

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Charges for bottle trap Co2

Charges for bottle trap Co2

Loads of CO2 for the bottle trap reusable from Lacor, a cheap and easy option to prepare your own drink.

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Loads bottle trap CO2

These loads of CO2 8 grams are used with the bottle trap CO2 from Lacor.

Although there are naturally carbonated waters, the most sparkling waters are produced through artificial carbonation. Carbonatar or gasify a drink is to incorporate CO2 so that by serving it release the gas in the form of fine bubbles and its effervescence to produce a spicy sensation. This process uses pressurized carbon dioxide before adding to water, since the pressure increases the amount of CO2 that can be dissolved; When you open the bottle, the pressure is released and the carbon dioxide forms bubbles.

The bottle trap reusable is a simple and economical option to prepare versions of soft drinks. To who designed the? bottle trap? For those who think that the water is what better quenches thirst but it is boring; for the best refreshment is a water with gas with its twist of lemon and some ice; for those who are to take the Vermouth and like a sparkling touch; to create homemade versions of soft drinks more healthier than soft drinks industrial; for the classics (who still remember bottles of siphon in the bars of all the bars) and innovators (undergoing new flavors).

The bottle trap CO2In addition, provides environmental and economic benefits: uses a reusable bottle avoiding disposable cans or plastic bottles, they are not necessary transport that increase the carbon footprint, and recycling expenses are eliminated.

The use of the bottle trap Lacor is very simple:

  • The bottle is removed and is filled with water up to the mark max.
  • It is placed inside the plastic cap.
  • It is closed by screwing the button Cap.
  • The burden of CO2 is inserted in the tank, and this in position.
  • The bottle is shaken for 5 seconds and already you can press to serve.

The bottle trap CO2 has a capacity of 1 litre, measures 10 x 39 cm.

The loads of CO2 for the bottle trap units are available in boxes of 10 0 24 (you can select which you want in the drop-down next to the photograph).

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Our guarantee:

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Information about manufacturer

Lacor Cookware Professional S.L. It is a manufacturer of furniture for home and hospitality whose headquarters are in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). Since its founding in 1949 has maintained a policy of constant innovation that allows it to offer a wide range of products from stainless steel kitchenware to cookware and tableware, to pastries and coffee.

Currently it has commercial presence in 5 continents. This is one of the manufacturers of reference for the hospitality industry, responding to the most demanding needs and progress in implementing its products for the home.

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