Flat bottom wok Belly of Lacor

2 wok forms part of Lacor series Belly, a battery of domestic cuisine with a touch of distinction in its design.

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Flat bottom wok Belly of Lacor

Flat bottom wok Belly of Lacor

2 wok forms part of Lacor series Belly, a battery of domestic cuisine with a touch of distinction in its design.

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Wok Belly

2 woka typical kitchen utensil in Asian cuisine, has incorporated already to many restaurants and Western homes and is not limited to preparing Oriental dishes. 2 wok It is similar to a hemispheric pan, deep, with a background of small diameter (avoids having a large surface area in contact with the heat source) and high-sided (retain heat). These features allow a heat build up and distribute it as gentle and uniform across its surface and make it a fast and healthy method of cooking: the food is cooked in less time, so keep your vitamins and minerals while reducing energy consumption; It requires little oil, cooking various foods without just Exchange of flavors together, and obtain different textures. The wok It is the perfect tool to prepare sauteed: vegetables are slightly crisp and retain their nutrients. But also the wok It is versatile: using a cap allows stew to a simmer; It can also be used as a Fryer, the height of its walls reduces spattering.

Lacor Belly series presents domestic Cookware that stands out for its interior finish polished and finished exterior double, polished and Matt, as well as a few features handles that give the design des these parts a touch of distinction. In addition their pumped bodies provide greater capacity to the vessels.

  • Cookware Belly parts are manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel (18% chrome and 10% nickel alloy which offers a high level of quality and superior resistance to conventional steel). It offers excellent resistance to corrosion and to food acids and salts. The steel is smooth, non-porous and very hygienic; It maintains the natural flavor of the cooked food, perfect for cooking any type of food without any contraindication.
  • Belly Cookware pieces have a background layer (a layer of aluminum between 2 layers of steel) sandwich that allows the optimal heat diffusion, favoring saving energy and even cooking.
  • Product valid for gas cookers, electric, vitroceramic and induction.
  • Suitable for washing in a dishwasher

2 wok Belly Lacor has measures 30 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height and 5-litre capacity.

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Information about manufacturer

Lacor Cookware Professional S.L. It is a manufacturer of furniture for home and hospitality whose headquarters are in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). Since its founding in 1949 has maintained a policy of constant innovation that allows it to offer a wide range of products from stainless steel kitchenware to cookware and tableware, to pastries and coffee.

Currently it has commercial presence in 5 continents. This is one of the manufacturers of reference for the hospitality industry, responding to the most demanding needs and progress in implementing its products for the home.

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