Grill 1400W of Lacor

The Electric Grill 1400W 30 x 26 cm of Lacor is a robust piece, for use Professional (e) intensive.

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Grill 1400W of Lacor

Grill 1400W of Lacor

The Electric Grill 1400W 30 x 26 cm of Lacor is a robust piece, for use Professional (e) intensive.

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Grill power 1400 W 30 x 26 cm

The Electric Grill Professional 1400W 30 x 26 cm of Lacor is a piece of design robust to allow intensive use. Ideal for meats, hamburgers, snacks and sandwiches.


    • Stainless steel finish
    • Power: 1400 W
    • Maximum temperature: 240 °
    • Fully hinged to make maximum use of the surface of the plate: 56 x 30 cm
    • Overall dimensions; 43 x 35 x 19 cm
    • Weight: 7,20 kg
    • Container drip
    • Easy removal and placement of the trays for cleaning
    • Switch/timer of 30 minutes
    • Adjusting the height of the top plate: adjustable height is 1.5, 2.5, 4, and 5 cms


  • Observations of safety and maintenance of the professional electric iron grill:

    Always install the Grill Professional folding on a stable and resistant working surface to support the weight of the machine and the product to cook.

    Before first use should be cleaned carefully all parties who may be in contact with food; turn on the iron, turn the throttle lever of power at 160 ° C and set the timer in 5 minutes, so the grill evaporate remains from water, moisture and odors.

    The temperature and time must be adjusted according to the food being Cook. Lift the top grill, place the food on the bottom and lower the grill top to make contact with the food. At the end of the time selected the timer it will emit an acoustic signal and shuts off the heating. After lifting the upper grill and remove the food, you can put others and select a new cooking time.

    If you're cooking delicate foods such as seafood, fish, foie gras... don't let the weight of the top grill over them, use the height selector and thus also cook them up without damaging them.

    If you are using the Grill Professional open pull the lever and turn the upper grill up to 180 ° (take care that the upper heater and power cable does not come into contact with hot surfaces). To close the grill again do not force rotation, pull the lever outwards and turn the grill top to close it.

    Before cleaning the hinged electric Grill You should always turn off and unplug it, and wait until the inside is hot. Remove the lower grill by pressing the locking button and removing Grill facing up, and the top grill by pressing the locking button and holding the grill so it will not fall.

    Grates and drip tray must be emptied, cleaned with soapy water and properly dry with a dry cloth. They should never use chemicals or abrasives, brushes or tools which may damage the surfaces.

Our guarantee
Our guarantee:

Our products have a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. Since receiving the shipment and during the 15 day period, you can return the purchased item if it was not to his liking and was not used. To do this, simply contact our customer service and return the product in its original packaging (with acknowledgment of receipt, warranty and manual). Once we have verified that the merchandise is in perfect condition, we will refund the money. The shipping costs when the return is not due to us, the customer.

Information about manufacturer

Lacor Cookware Professional S.L. It is a manufacturer of furniture for home and hospitality whose headquarters are in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). Since its founding in 1949 has maintained a policy of constant innovation that allows it to offer a wide range of products from stainless steel kitchenware to cookware and tableware, to pastries and coffee.

Currently it has commercial presence in 5 continents. This is one of the manufacturers of reference for the hospitality industry, responding to the most demanding needs and progress in implementing its products for the home.

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